Houses listed for rent by MANAGERENTHOUSES are easy to rent. All Realtor members of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are welcome to show MANAGERENTHOUSES rent listings with confidence of immediate service on a first come, first serve basis and without competition from in-house agents. Access to MANAGERENTHOUSES vacancies is facilitated by Realtor electronic lockboxes which contain the front door key. No appointment is necessary.

If your prospective client likes what they see, please forward their rent application to our office for immediate review and approval.

As soon as the application is approved, we will prepare the standard Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) lease agreement, and we will forward it to you via email. As soon as the lease agreement is accepted, we will schedule to pick it up along with the application fee and the deposit. A countersigned copy of the lease will be emailed to you upon receipt to finalize the transaction.

A lease commission will be paid as per Agreement Between Brokers (ABB).