At MANAGERENTHOUSES, authentic reviews are the central tenet to our mission to manage an unlimited number of rent houses.

Management of rent houses requires a necessary and an authentic communication channel between tenants at various houses as they seek more information in their daily decision making regarding the enjoyment of their residences, and a better insight into their lease agreements.

For MANAGERENTHOUSES, authentic reviews support:

  • Our consistency
  • Our lease policies
  • Our management process
  • Our agreements

Authentic reviews also play a central role in the process discovery and improvement. This discovery identifies and removes the friction from the management process, and it lowers its cost, allowing for a continued growth of the portfolio.

Finally, for property owners, authentic reviews provide more information about the management process impacting their individually-owned property, and the role of the agent within it.

We encourage you to read all reviews and the responses. We trust that you find it the feedback useful, and that you enjoy the authentic review experience.

Thank you,
Wojciech Kic, President


    Stephanie, Thanks! You make this process very quick and easy. DA

    …I just wanted to thank your team for all of your assistance and help. The home will be greatly missed. Again I appreciate all of your teams hard work. Thank you again…KR

    Thank you for your quick response. If I have any owners looking for management in the metro, I will recommend you.

    I have known and interacted with your company since 2000, first as a tenant and as property owner since 2008 to date. I deeply appreciate your company's services over the years. I have solid confidence in your management of properties. S.A.

    …Thank you for giving us the pleasure of being tenants for the past five years and we wish you continued success in the future

    …It has been a great house for us and I appreciate professionalisim in your office

    ….I have thoroughly enojoyed living at this residence and found your management company to be extremely professional and responsive to any and all requests I had

    ….I have enjoyed my time at this property and thank you for your services during my stay

    Thank you so much for a fast an easy transaction. In the future I will go through your rental listings before all others!!!

    Thank you for doing such a good job with my property.

    ...I visited the property and would like to compliment you and your team for responding so quickly. ...indicated that the anticipated completion is Monday. It’s obvious that customer service is your focus. I appreciate your dedication and focus on getting the job done.